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Throne of Glass Re-read and Cover Designs

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

I got introduced to the Throne of Glass series many years ago when Alexa from Alexalovesbooks gifted me the first book. Nearly 5 years later and I’m ready to re-read the entirety of this story and feel all the emotions I felt the first time around. I can’t wait to re-meet my favorite characters and see if I still feel the same way about the story and everyone in it.

tog cover.jpg

As part of this re-read, I wanted to re-design the covers to match my more minimal aesthetic. I’ve also been meaning to get the miniature version of this series since they came out. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to get the mini versions AND dip my toes into designing book covers. This is hopefully the first of many books that I will re-paint/re-design. This project proved a little challenging to execute given that these versions have softcovers but I think I’ve figured it out. Check out the video below to see the process! If you have any tips and tricks to share, I am more than happy to hear them.

Materials Used:

  1. The books

  2. Cardstock (any color)

  3. Cloth (any color)

  4. Modpodge

  5. Foam brushes

  6. Cutting Mat

  7. X-acto knife and ruler

  8. Sticker paper

  9. Scissors

  10. Binder clips

Tips for designing your own cover:

  1. Adding the cloth backing is optional but I wanted to make the covers a bit thicker to add sturdiness but didn’t want the inflexibility of cardstock. Using cloth was an easy compromise.

  2. You can also cover your books with cloth instead of paper but I didn’t like how easily they get dirty.

  3. Let the mod podge and cloth dry for a few hours to ensure it doesn’t seep through the paper cover and ruin it.

  4. If you have thicker sticker paper for the cover, that would be even better!

That’s it! Happy creating. And tag me on instagram @danicainpages so I can see all of your lovely work!


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