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The Art of Starting

Updated: Oct 22, 2021


This season for me has been one of starting and re-starting. I’ve begun things I’ve been meaning to start for years but kept putting off, telling myself I’ll do them when I find the time, as I know a lot of us can probably relate. However, throughout the years my “when I have the time” list had grown extensively. With everything that happened in 2020, and with life being “forced” to slow down, it seems time was all I had. Yet somehow, I still didn’t “make time” for most of the things on my list. Granted, we were going through so much individually and collectively and it took a while to recover from them, and we still are.

I’ve come to realize that maybe time wasn’t my issue. Yes, perhaps my time management could use improvement, but I know there were things I’ve put off also because of fear (of failing or just fear in general), time constraints, budget restrictions, and so many other reasons.

But in the past year, I have learned to be a bit braver again, to try things I’ve been afraid of, or re-try things I’ve considered myself horrible at in the past. Some of them were related to my work and my passion, and others were completely out of my comfort zone.

I know people have different seasons and sometimes it truly is hard to make time for things. But sometimes, it only takes little steps and a few minutes spread out overtime to get us moving along.

So friend, maybe you have those “when I have the time” things as well. Why not just start?


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