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2022 Archer & Olive Daily Journal Setup

Happy 2022! January flew by for me and I am only now getting the chance to post about my daily journal for this year. I decided late last month to switch to an Archer and Olive B6 notebook for my daily thoughts and writings.

As much as I truly do love both the Stalogy and Hobonichi B6 notebooks, I wanted to incorporate more drawings in my spreads. If you’ve used these two fan favorites before, then you are probably aware that Hobonichi contains the renowned Tomoe River paper, which is rice-paper thin and fountain pen friendly. Stalogy uses a slightly thicker paper but only a smidge. I have seen incredible artists add sketches and drawings into their journals but as they the paper is incredibly thin, they don’t hold water well and heavier ink makers are sure to bleed through.

Enter Archer and Olive. I simply adore their notebooks! I have used several of them in the past years as a bullet journal, art journal, and my current reading journal. A&O notebooks contain 160 gsm paper and perfectly holds heavier inks such as their own Acrylographs.

Below is a look into my journal setup with the spreads and pages that are always a must-have for me and my daily writing journal.

2022 Title Page

2022 At-A-Glance

Goals & Dreams

Seasonal Bucket List

Monthly Spread

The only thing about A&O notebooks that I’m not completely in love with are the covers. Aside from select styles in other sizes, most of their covers are mainly cloth and they do get dirty fairly easily and quickly. I hope they make their B6 notebooks soon with faux leather covers as I am sure they will get a lot of love.

I can't wait to see how this journal will look at the end of the year and how it'll hold up with all the drawings and ephemera. Hope this inspires you and helps you with your journaling!

Happy writing!



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