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2021 Reading Stats

Is it weird that I’m doing my 2021 reading stats in July? To be fair, I hadn’t thought about doing this until this year. And I wanted to see how my reading stats differ from month to month, year to year. Let’s hope I can keep this going!

As I mentioned in my previous post, 2021 was the year I read the most. Not only did I hit my reading goal but it was also the first time I read over 100 books in a year. A cause for celebration for sure! I didn’t know if this was an anomaly since I was mainly stuck at home for a good portion of last year. I know it isn't about numbers, but I love keeping track of my progress and I love stats. I also wanted to be intentional about diversifying my reading this year. I didn't read enough books from POCs authors and indie authors in 2020/2021 - I wanted to change that.

2021 Reading Stats

Reading Goal: 80

Total Books Read: 134

Total Pages Read: 48,053


Fantasy: 81

YA: 73

Romance: 49

Manga: 25

Sports: 11

Sci-fi: 11

Contemporary: 10

Historical: 9

Literary: 7

Classics: 4

Dystopian: 3

Non-fiction: 4

Mystery/Thriller: 3

Most Read Authors:

JLA: 14

Anashin: 13

Gege Akatumi: 10

Marie Lu: 7

Sarah J Maas: 7

Cassandra Clare: 5

Susan Dennard: 5

Leigh Bardugo: 4

Scarlett St Clair: 3

Sarah Adams: 3

Best Reading Month: April

Average length of books: 367 pages

Average time per book: 7 days

Re-reads: 14

Books in a series: 109


Print: 78 Books

Digital: 53

Audio: 3 - this number should be higher, to be honest. A few of the books that I've read were a mix of audio and print but I couldn't remember which ones.


Apps and websites to help you keep track of your reading stats:

It isn't about the stats and numbers at all, but if you're like me and you like to nerd out about these things, below are 2 apps I'm currently using and loving.

Storygraph is an alternative to Goodreads. It is still fairly new and working on growing its catalog with a team of volunteers. What I love the most about this app/website is its Stats and Book Challenges feature. It is also free to use with the option to upgrade to pro. Bookly is an app dedicated to helping readers track their reading in real-time and their progress over time. You earn points in diamonds as you read for use in their store. Currently, you can purchase icons and costumes for your reading assistant Bloo. I wish you could use the diamonds for more things and make this app more interesting but it is good as it is!


Bookly: Get 30% off on Bookly Pro

Happy Reading Friends!


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