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I’m Danica Cristine. Bibliophile, coffee lover, long walks enthusiast and wanna-be-musician (although let’s admit, I am barely passable at it.) I go by a lot of names so you can call me whatever you want. I adore flowers, messy sketches, and written letters. I was the girl who loved taking notes in class and writing letters to friends which led to my passion for calligraphy and lettering.​

I’ve been journaling privately since I was maybe 11 years old - analog and digital, online and offline - you name it, I probably had it. Sometimes they were consistent, other times they were sporadic and more mood-based. Sadly we moved a whole lot when I was younger and I lost all my paper journals from those times. I started consistently again back in 2015 but it wasn’t until late last year that I started sharing some of them online which then prompted the creation of @danicainpages in January 2021.  It has fully blossomed into this passion project.

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